Reiki at Yoga Ananda, Surrey

Reiki Training Courses and Reiki Shares at Yoga Ananda, Reigate Reiki Light is delighted to be offering Reiki training courses and Reiki Shares at Yoga Ananda, Reigate, Surrey.  Yoga Ananda offers a tranquil space to learn about and share this beautiful energy.  Please see their website Reiki Training Courses at Yoga Ananda Reiki One

Reiki in Schools Project

Reiki in Schools Project – Cranmer Primary School I am embarking upon an exciting collaboration with Cranmer Primary School in the summer term of 2017. Following conversations with the Headteacher (herself a Reiki practitioner) about well-being of staff and staff retention, I will be training six teaching professionals to Reiki level 1. The aims of

Connecting Reiki with Medicine

Full Circle Fund Therapies Who we are Full Circle Fund Therapies is an award-winning integrated medicine charity. We are dedicated to supporting the quality of life of children and adults being treated at St George’s Hospital, London. We rely totally on donations to support this service and receive no government or NHS funding. Latest

Reiki and Tai Chi Workshops

Reiki and Tai Chi Workshops In Association with Lee Tai Chi Centre Transform your personal energy and Reiki practice! Discover Tai Chi Healing Connections An established system of Tai Chi Chi Kung that fits perfectly to integrate the essential principles of Reiki and energy work.  The simple route will ensure correct alignment, grounding, breath

Free Reiki Distance Healing

Free Reiki Distance Healing I am very happy to send free Reiki distance healing to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Please use the contact form to email me your request.  Healings will be sent daily and can be merged with a larger group of healers if requested. Disclaimer:  Reiki cannot be said to heal or cure

Reiki Shares and Reiki Support Group

Reiki Shares and Reiki Support Group Attending a Reiki Share is a wonderful way of meeting other Reiki students, practitioners, teachers or those interested in finding out about Reiki. The concept of a Reiki share is for everyone attending to both give and receive Reiki healing in a supportive and loving environment. There may be

Scientific Research about Reiki

Scientific Research about Reiki There is much research currently being carried out to ascertain how effective Reiki is, from a scientific perspective.  Please view the Reiki Council’s research page for more information   The International Center for Reiki Training also have many interesting articles on their website.  Do scroll down the page once you click

GP Recognises the Benefits of Reiki for Patients

GP Recognises the Benefits of Reiki for Patients “I have been referring patients to Anne-Marie for over 2 years now. Common conditions that she has seen in patients of mine include anxiety, depression and phobia. Almost all of the patients I have referred to her have improved, often without the use of prescription medication as